What do tourists who go to Italy need to know?

If you are one of the tourists who do not really like group trips or organized tours by the operator, then our advice is simply necessary. After all, organizing your trip in person, you need to think about a lot. Today we will consider a trip to Italy: what you need to know for an independent tourist who wants to get a lot of positive and pleasant emotions.

Tips for those who are going to Rome for the first time

Italy is a tourist country, it is comfortable here, everything is made for travelers. But there are things that you should not forget, especially if you consider that you are in another country.

If you smoke, please note that it is better to clarify whether you can smoke in the institution where you came to have lunch or not. For throwing a cigarette butt, you are unlikely to be fined by law enforcement officers, who, by the way, are in Rome at every turn. Although we advise you not to litter, it is not beautiful. But, as for smoking in public places, then it is worth clarifying. Otherwise, you can fly into a large amount, as for a tourist, for 200 euros.

By the way, another tip for smoking tourists: it is better to buy cigarettes in duty-free, so it will be cheaper.

Now let's talk about the passage. This is an important question for every traveler. If you will walk all day, drive and plan to expect a lot of moving, it is more profitable to buy a ticket for the whole day. It is designed for 75 minutes, you can ride with it in any form of urban transport and do not waste time buying a separate ticket for each trip. Please note that with such a pass in the metro, you can only drive 1 time. If a day pass is not an option for you, buy one-time tickets. They are sold in Tabacchi tobacco stores, in newsagents, ticket offices, as well as in the buses themselves. We advise you to buy a ticket in advance, so that there are no problems, and no one has managed to spoil the mood.

The metro in Rome is open from 5 am to 12 am. By the way, this is the most convenient and fastest way to get around. When getting on public transport during rush hour, keep an eye on your belongings. It is not uncommon for naive tourists to be "ruined" by pickpockets.

It is also equally important to know what clothes to choose for walking around Rome. In Italian cities, it is often not very convenient to walk in heels (because of the paving stones). And if you are going to explore the city all day, then leave uncomfortable shoes at home, and put on something suitable (for example, sneakers, sandals).

In addition, it is worth thinking about clothes: in the summer, do not try to wear things with long sleeves, it is better to choose outfits made of light natural fabrics. It is not superfluous to take a hat\cap, sunglasses and cream. Be sure to make sure that you always have a bottle of water and a light snack. By the way, stock up on food and fruit from the evening. And now you will find out why.

What do you need to know about restaurants, taxis, and hotels?

Above, we talked about the fact that it is better to stock up on food. Especially for those who are used to not skipping breakfast. It is not superfluous to have a bag of oatmeal, which can be prepared in an ordinary mug, pouring boiling water. Also a good option for breakfast – fruits, yoghurts, juices. Why are we focusing on this now? Because cafes and restaurants in Italy accept guests from 12 pm to 15.30 pm. At this time, you can have lunch, there is no breakfast time as such. Moreover, if you are late for lunch, you will have to wait until 7 pm. It is at this time that the restaurants start working again, and the establishments are open until a maximum of 12 at night.

Another nuance that is worth mentioning. Tips in the restaurant should be left if you are really happy with the service. And they can be no more than 7-10 percent of the order.

When going to Italy, take into account such a traditional feature of this country as the presence of a "siesta". Lunch time for recreation from 12.30 to 15.30 many shops and other establishments are closed.

We talked about public transport, but it is worth mentioning the taxi. Just stop the car on the street will not work. There are parking lots for taxis, and there is also an option to order a car by phone.

At the hotel, you may also be surprised by some things. First of all, be prepared that Italian sockets are not suitable for your equipment, so we strongly recommend buying an adapter at home. Second, check with the administrator whether you need to pay for air conditioning separately. You will be surprised, but in some hotels, the use of air conditioning is not included in the price of the entire room. Third – it is not superfluous to take with you or buy a mosquito spray on arrival. With animals in cheaper hotels, there can be trouble. Centipedes and mosquitoes are something to be prepared for.

It is better to leave the tickets and documents at the reception under the receipt or in the hotel safe. Remember that pickpockets in Italy are very clever.

And yet, if you notice in the bathroom near the shower strings, do not rush to pull them. Most likely, this is a way to report that you need help and there is a non-standard situation.